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Jinzaburo Takagi

The late Dr Jinzaburo Takagi was a co-founder of the Citizens' Nuclear Information Center. He passed away on 8th October 2000, but left behind him a legacy of scientific research, activism and inspiration that continues to have a profound influence on the anti-nuclear movement in Japan.

Below are some links to articles about him and his work.

Tribute: Dr Jinzaburo Takagi (NIT 80)

Towards a Peaceful and Sustainable Future - Takagi Memorial (NIT 81)

Right Livelihood Award Recognizes CNIC Executive Director Takagi Jinzaburo's Contributions to Humanity

Speech of Acceptance of 1997 Right Livelihood Award

TV Documentary on Dr.Takagi's Life as a Nuclear Scientist (NIT 70)

Takagi School for Alternative Scientists

An Appeal from Scientists in Japan to the Scientists and Citizens of the World: Charging Scientists with Moral Responsibility for the New Crisis in Nuclear Proliferation



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