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TV Documentary on Dr.Takagi's Life as a Nuclear Scientist


    On 6 February a documentary film entitled, "Bringing Science back to the People - Jinzaburo Takagi - A Message from a Nuclear Scientist" was broadcast on channel 3, Japan Broadcasting Corporation's educational channel. The 75-minute documentary was shown from 9pm to 10:15pm.

    Dr. Takagi underwent an operation in October last year and since then has been trying to recover from his illness. The film shows how he first became a nuclear scientist and then an anti-nuclear activist/scientist.

    Dr. Takagi completed his studies in nuclear chemistry in university and then joined a nuclear power development company that was working on Japan's first experimental reactor. However, he began to realize that there were still a number of questions to be worked out before a commercial reactor could safely commence operations. The company ignored his views. So he quit, returning to the university as a researcher. Being a scientist again, he felt extremely happy, studying background radiation levels in nature. In his studies he found that artificial radiation levels in nature to be high. He was shocked. The high levels had come from a numerous number of atomic bomb testing. As a nuclear scientist he felt responsible for the contamination and decided to do something about it. He was promoted to an associate professor at the university and also became involved in the student movement that was quite active at that time. He was drawn as well to the anti-airport struggles in Sanrizuka where farmers were strongly resisting attempts by the government to forcefully take over their farmland in order to build a large international airport. It was authority versus farmers and Takagi decided that he should be on the side of the farmers and to support them as a scientist.

    He resigned his position at the university and started Citizens' Nuclear Information Center with some other people. Since then, he has been active as an anti-nuclear scientist and activist. In 1997 Dr.Takagi received the Right Livelihood Award. He used the prize money to start the Takagi School for Alternative Scientists. A large number of young science students have come to the School.

    While he is still fighting his illness, he hopes to complete his studies as a scientist and to hand over his accomplishments to future generations.



Citizens' Nuclear Information Center
Akebonobashi Co-op 2F-B, 8-5 Sumiyoshi-cho,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0065, Japan