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Anti-Nuke Who's Who

This page provides links to articles celebrating some of the heroes of the anti-nuclear movement in Japan. Great reading for people sifting for inspiration amidst the often rather depressing news that inundates us.

Rika Mashiko, "Fukushima evacuees’ rights at risk" (NIT164 Jan./Feb. 2015)

Yoshitaka Mukohara, A person who lives with nature and who stands against nuclear power plants with an easy-going style (NIT162 Sep./Oct. 2014)

Harutoshi Funabashi, Chairperson of the Citizens’ Commission on Nuclear Energy (NIT160 May/June 2014)

Yugo Ono, A Geographer Who Fights “Citizen science for the benefit of citizens!” (NIT158 Jan./Feb. 2014)

Yasuko Yamaguchi: Former delegate of the Women's Democratic Club (NIT 156, Sep./Oct. 2013)

Hiroyuki Kawai: Lawyer Fighting to Shut Down All Nuclear Power Plants in Japan “We will continue to fight the nuclear village until we win.”(NIT 154, May/Jun 2013)

Kenichi Hasegawa: Dairy farmer maintaining visual records of Iitate Village since the Fukushima nuclear crisis (NIT 153, Mar/Apr 2013)

Katsumi Furitsu: Japanese activist working for a nuclear-free world (NIT 151, Nov/Dec 2012)

Hikaru Yamami: Staff of the Hinodeya Institutefor Ecological Lifestyle (NIT 149, July/Aug 2012)

Masaharu Kawata: An activist-scientist who strives to inform citizens in a wide range of fields (NIT 147, March/April 2012)

Seiichi Nakate: Spokesman for Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation (NIT 145, Jan./Feb. 2012)

Atsuko Ogasawara: Owner of Asako House, built in the center of the planned Ohma Nuclear Power Plant premises (NIT 143, July/Aug. 2011)

Hatsumi Ishimaru: a fired up ordinary house wife (NIT 141, March/April 2011)

Kiyohiko Yamada: Opposing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle as a Politician and Citizen (NIT 139, Nov./Dec. 2010)

Wakako Yamamoto: The Joan of Arc of Aomori Prefecture (NIT 137, July/Aug. 2010)

Keiko Kikukawa: Resisting Japan's nuclear fuel cycle with flowers and herbs. (NIT 134, Jan./Feb. 2010)

Hiromitsu Ino: succeeded in bridging the gap between specialist research and social activism (NIT 132, Sep./Oct. 2009)

Kamanaka Hitomi: Making films that inspire people to take action. (NIT 130 May/June 2009)

Hokuto Muto showed us that we were just making excuses (NIT 127 Nov./Dec. 2008)

Takashi Yamato: Fighting the Planned Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant (NIT 125, July/Aug. 2008)

Teisuke Ishio's Freedom of Nuclear Information Campaign (NIT 123 March/April 2008)

Sadao Kaneko is an indomitable spirit wrapped in a calm smile (NIT 121 Nov./Dec. 2007)

Toshiko Takeda: Representative of the committee preparing the lawsuit against the Ohma nuclear power plant (NIT 119 July/August 2007)

Kazuyoshi Sato: calm, but tenacious (NIT 117 March/April 2007)

Yoshiko Kuratsubo: committed to her hometown of Hirosaki (NIT 115 Nov./Dec. 2006)

Tetsuya Tanaka: the greatest organizer that ever came to Noto (NIT 113, July/Aug. 2006)

Kazuyuki Takemoto hopes to change nuclear policy from the regions. (NIT 111 March/April 2006)

Koshiro Ishimaru: leading from in front, supporting workers exposed to radiation at Japanese NPPs (NIT 109 Nov./Dec. 2005)

Hiromitsu Toyosaki's new book, "Marshall Islands: Nuclear Century", traces his journey from its beginnings in the Marshall Islands, right up to the North Pole and down to the 'Great South Land', the land of the Australian Aborigines. (NIT 107 July/Aug. 2005)

Environmentalist sisters Kyoko Ono and Etsuko Abe are descendents of a sea lord. (NIT 105 March/April 2005)

Shoji Takagi: cartoonist and anti-nuclear activist who always does things in his own time (NIT 103 Nov./Dec. 2004)

Mamoru Fukae has his finger on the pulse of the whole Kyushu anti-nuclear movement. (NIT 101 July/August 2004)

Hironori Shinohara: living true to himself, opposing the Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant (NIT 100 May/June 2004)

Takeichi Saito: sees the present and the future through the sea (NIT 99, March/April 2004)

Misako Ogawa: a municipal assembly member campaigning for the phasing out of atomic power (NIT 98, Nov2003-Feb2004)

Kaori Kanda: a storyteller passing on the message of Chernobyl (NIT 97 Sep/Oct 2003)

Dr. Saburo Murata: walking alongside the hibakusha in their suffering (NIT 96 July/Aug2002)

Yoko Nozaka: a kindergarten teacher opposing an interim waste storage facility in Shimokita (NIT 95 May/June 2003)

Kiyoshi Yoshimura: opposing nuclear energy on Tsuruga Peninsula, the belly of the beast (NIT 94 March/April 2003)

Tomi Maeda: at 77 years old lives in a straw house - not much protection from the big bad wolf a few hundred meters away (NIT 93 Jan/Feb 2003)

Tetsunari Iida: trying to democratize Japan's nuclear policy (NIT 92 Nov/Dec 2002)

Toshiko Baba: not blaming, not getting angry, but talking, grieving and praying for the ideals she cherishes (NIT 91 Sep/Oct 2002)

Sadao Yamato: manager of a fishing coop on Iwaishima Island protesting against the proposed Kaminoseki nuclear power plant (NIT 90 July/Aug 2002)

Shizuko Senou: a Japanese housewife Joan of Arc (NIT 89 May/June 2002)

Minoru Ito: fighting against Hamaoka nuclear power plants (NIT 88 March/April 2002)

Yuko Yatabe: an activist with mother's eyes (NIT 87 Jan/Feb 2002)

Kenji Higuchi: the most intriguing photographer you'll ever meet (NIT 86 Nov/Dec 2001)

Daisuke Yoshida: Kariwa's young activist with a strong will (NIT 85 Sep/Oct 2001)

Koji Asaishi: imbued with the spirit and love of the rebel: a true anti-nuclear activist (NIT 83 May/June 2001)

Sakae Sugiyama: an activist with a green future in mind (NIT 82 March/April 2001)

Yuichi Kaido: a reliable ally for the anti-nuclear movement (NIT 81 Jan/Feb 2001)

Michiaki Furukawa: a man of knowledge and action (NIT 80 Nov/Dec 2000)

Hideyo Kanematsu: a diligent activist fighting geological disposal (NIT 79 Sep/Oct 2000)

Jinzo Isobe: "We are not fighting. We are seeking the truth."(NIT 78 July/Aug 2000)

Yasue Ashihara: tireless leader of hometown campaigns (NIT 77 May/June 2000)

Kazumasa Aizawa: a man to free Tokai of its nuclear burdens (NIT 76 March/April 2000)

Sanshiro Kume: an instructor inside and outside school (NIT 75 Jan/Feb 2000)

Gan Nemoto: "Gan-san" has national currency (NIT 74 Nov/Dec 1999)


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