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Tokai JCO Criticality Accident

Report [8]10/20/99 19:20

JCO report on facility inspection

According to the Science and Technology Agency (STA), it has been inspecting nuclear fuel fabrication related facilities in light of the Tokai accident. The STA has inspected 20 facilities so far, and have ordered 9 facilities listed below to make improvements on operational procedures. However, most of the improvements will be made on paper: for example, rewriting the manual to make procedure explanations clearer, improving the training of employees, writing down procedures that are not included in the manual, and so on.

STA checked on these three points.
(1) Inspection of the facilities.
Facilities were checked to see if the establishments and the equipments are in accordance with the approved standards.
(2) Inspection of the operation of the facilities.
By interviewing employees and checking operation manuals, operation procedures were checked to see if they were in accordance to approved standards.
(3) Investigation of training.
Training manuals and training records were checked to see if proper and routine training is done to educate employees on criticality.

Under such inspections, the following 9 facilities were ordered to make improvements.

1. Japan Nuclear Fuel Development Co. (Tokai, Ibaraki)
2. Nuclear Development Co. (Tokai, Ibaraki)
3. Nuclear Material Control Center Security Establishment Analyzing Institute (Tokai, Ibaraki)
4. Japan Atomic Energy Research Tokai Research Institute (Tokai, Ibaraki)
5. Japan Atomic Energy Research Oharai Research Institute (Oharai , Ibaraki)
6. Nuclear Fuel Industry Tokai Plant (Tokai, Ibaraki)
7. Nuclear Fuel Industry Kumatori Plant (Kumatori, Osaka)
8. Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute Tokai Plant, Reprocessing Center (Tokai, Ibaraki)
9. Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute Tokai Plant, Plutonium Fuel
Center (Tokai, Ibaraki)


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