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Tokai JCO Criticality Accident

Report [38] Oct.16 2000

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STA Adds 229 to Its List of Exposed People Due to JCO Accident

On 13 Oct. 2000, the Science and Technology Agency (STA) reported to the Nuclear Safety Commission's Health Management Evaluation Committee on its newest estimation of the number of people exposed from the JCO criticality accident (30 Sep. 1999).

The newly added people include drivers, press members, and others who were temporarily in the region. It was reported at the end of January that 439 people were exposed to radiation by the accident. It was since then found that one worker was counted twice, so the total number reported so far by the STA is 667 (438 + 229) people. The break down of the newly added 229 people is: 28 delivery workers, 175 government officials and workers involved in countering the accident who were not measured for exposure at the time of the accident, and 26 press members. There were 56 of them who were estimated to have been exposed to over 1mSv, which is the annual exposure limit.

CNIC continually insists on the government to set up long-term health check-up systems which would be available to the residents free of charge.



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