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Tokai JCO Criticality Accident

Report [30]2/8/2000

JCO to Lose Its License

The Science and Technology Agency (STA) notified JCO Co. on February 3rd that the agency began procedures to revoke JCO's license. The company's license will be officially revoked after a meeting is held on March 13 with the company and the STA, as well as other parties and individuals involved. The cancellation of the firm's license, the severest punishment under the Law Concerning Regulation of Nuclear Raw Materials, Nuclear Fuel Materials and Nuclear Reactors, has never been carried out.

JCO is wholly owned by Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. According to newspaper reports, the president of Sumitomo Mining Moriki Aoyagi said that "[they] solemnly accept this situation and will heed the decision of the Science and Technology Agency." "As the parent company, we will continue to support JCO in dealing with the situation."


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