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Tokai JCO Criticality Accident

Report [28]1/28/2000

Survivors of Tokai Victim to Receive Compensation!

It has been reported by several newspapers that survivors of Mr. Ouchi, the first fatal victim in the history of nuclear power development in Japan, are to receive an indemnity pension from labor accident compensation insurance. The survivors of Mr. Ouchi applied for survivors compensation pension and for funeral expenses at the Labor Standards Inspection Office in Mito city, Ibaraki prefecture, on January 14, 1999. The Labor Standards Inspection office quickly decided to provide the survivors what they applied for. The office had already ruled that the conditions of Mr. Ouchi and the two other JCO employees at the site of the accident, who were exposed to a massive amount of radiation and were diagnosed as having received acute radiation injuries, were directly related to their activities at the plant and the resulting exposure. The two employees, and Mr. Ouchi up until his death, have been receiving compensation for medical expenses and missed work. This latest decision represents, according to the Mito Labor Standards Inspection office, the first time in Japan that a compensation pension is being provided for the survivors of victims of a labor accident resulting in acute radiation injury.


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