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Tokai JCO Criticality Accident

Report [26]12/24/99 18:00

Rushed Final Report With No Substance

Dec. 24, 1999

CNIC is highly critical of the final report submitted to the minister of the Science and Technology Agency today by the Uranium Conversion Plant Criticality Accident Investigation Committee. The following points are the main problems with the final report.

・The estimation on the total amount of fissioned uranium, and the subsequent estimation on the level of neutrons and radioactive materials released by the accident.
・The basis of the criteria for recognizing exposure.
・The relationship of Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute (JNC)'s order to the cause of the accident. (What led JCO to conduct such reckless procedures.)
・The analysis of the responsibilities of the Science and Technology Agency and the Nuclear Safety Commission.
・Too much emphasis is put on "safety culture." The cause of the accident is explained as a "human error."

The report was put out today only because the government wanted the report out by the end of this year. Counter measures plot from this report will not be useful since the investigation committee did not base this final report on a thorough investigation and analysis of the accident.


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