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Tokai JCO Criticality Accident

Report [18]11/15/99 19:50

Information From Accident Investigation Committee Won't Be Made Public!

It was announced at the sixth Uranium Conversion Plant Criticality Accident Investigation Committee on November 12th that three sub-committees, along with the main committee, will carry on the investigation and discussions on the criticality accident at JCO plant in Tokai-mura. Incredibly, the discussions within these sub-committees will not be made public. The three sub-committees will each cover the following aspects of the accident.

  1. Evaluation of the accident and nuclear technology
  2. Evaluation of the industry
  3. Evaluation of safety and society

An interim report was released at the fifth Investigation Committee on November 5th. A short three week public consultation on this interim report is being held from November 8th to the 29th. The committee is rushing to put an end to this investigation, and seems to be planning to put out a final report by mid-December.


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