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Tokai JCO Criticality Accident

Report [14]11/4/99 18:00

Department of Energy (DOE) members sent from America to check out JCO

According to the Science and Technology Agency (STA) the American government requested to be allowed to send experts from the DOE to examine and collect information to understand the criticality accident. Following this request the STA invited three DOE members listed below in their hope "to gain international confidence by opening up to the international community and making accurate information available." The three members visited Japan on a very short visit (on October 18 and 19) and were given information from STA officials and "experts" from the nuclear industry (Japan Atomic Research Institute and Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute <former DONEN>).

DOE members:

Mr. Frank McCoy
Deputy Manager
Savannah River Operations Office

Dr. Leroy Lewis
Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory

Dr. Thomas P. McLaughlin
Group Leader, Criticality Safety Group
Los Alamos National Laboratory

(Information obtained from STA)


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