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Tokai JCO Criticality Accident

Report [11]10/29/99 16:00

Mr. Hirofumi Nakasone, Minister, Science and Technology Agency
Mr. Kazuo Sato, Deputy Director-General, Nuclear Safety Commission

October 6, 1999

Hideyuki Ban, Co-Director, Citizens' Nuclear Information Center

We demand the following points in light of the criticality accident at JCO Tokai plant on September 30, 1999.

1. Release all information on how the radiation in the environment is monitored.

2. Release all data on radiation measurement immediately. (Measured exposure dose, the amount and types of all measured nuclear materials, monitoring points, and so on.) 

3. Revoke JCO's license and review safety measures concerning criticality at all related nuclear facilities and thoroughly install criticality prevention measurements. 

4. Review all safety regulations regarding nuclear power. 

5. Review and shift away from nuclear power utilization policy.



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