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Japanese Energy Policy, Nuclear Trends, Nuclear Industry

Japanese Nuclear Administration

Japanese Nuclear Policy

Electric Power Supply Plan

Cost of Nuclear Power

Japanese Nuclear Industry

Japanese Nuclear Administration

Japan's Nuclear Administration

Cabinet establishes Nuclear Safety Agency (NIT 144, Sep./Oct. 2011)

Public Involvement in Japan's Nuclear Power Licensing System (NIT 135 March/April 2010)

The birth of Japan Atomic Energy Agency (NIT 109, Nov./Dec. 2005)

Japanese Nuclear Policy

Report on the struggle of a Nuclear Power Subcommittee Member (2)
New support policies for nuclear power plants as Japan moves toward the deregulation of electrical power / Excuses for extending the life of Monju
(NIT 163, Nov./Dec. 2014)

Report on the struggle of a Nuclear Power Subcommittee member:Government’s ban on release of video of deliberations and forceful subcommittee management policy (NIT 162, Sep./Oct. 2014)

Summary of Discussions in the Government Radioactive Wastes Working Group - Many unresolved problems remain (NIT 161, July/Aug. 2014)

Basic Energy Plan Formulated for the First Time since the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster (NIT 160, May/June 2014)

Court ruling bans restart of Ohi Nuclear Power Plant (NIT 160, May/June 2014)

Resumption of discussions by government working group on nuclear wastes (NIT 155, July/Aug 2013)

Let’s Link with Fukushima! Sayonara Nukes! Huge Rallies on Consecutive Days (NIT 153, Mar/Apr 2013)

Review of the Japan Atomic Energy Commission (NIT 152, Jan/Feb 2013)

Japan’s Energy Policy Stalemate: Democracy or Vested Interests (NIT 152, Jan/Feb 2013)

The Innovative Strategy for Energy and Environment and its future (NIT 151, Nov/Dec 2012)

Energy options proposed (NIT 149, July/Aug 2012)

We oppose the restart of Ohi Nuclear Power Plant (NIT 149, July/Aug 2012)

Complete Halt of All Nuclear Power Plants in Japan (NIT 148, May/June 2012)

Abolition of Fukushima-1 Reactor Units 1-4 (NIT 148, May/June 2012)

Tokai Mayor demands Minister of Economy decommission Tokai-2 (NIT 148, May/June 2012)

Inaugural Meeting of Mayors for Nuclear Abolition (NIT 148, May/June 2012)

Statement: Toward a New Era in which the people Choose the Energy (5 May, 2012)

Urgent International Petition: The Japanese Government should immediately abandon its policy of promoting exports of nuclear power plants (August 31 2011)

10 Million People’s Action to say Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants

New nuclear policy drafting process begins (NIT 140, Jan./Feb. 2011)

Nuclear Energy Policy Under a New Government (NIT 132 September/October 2009)

Nuclear Energy Nation Building? (NIT 114, Sep./Oct. 2006)

Nuclear Policy Planning Council in review (NIT 109, Nov./Dec. 2005)

New Nuclear Policy-Planning Council: the Atomic Energy Commission has released a draft Nuclear Energy Policy Outline. (NIT 108, Sep./Oct. 2005)

CNIC Co-Director Hideyuki Ban invited to join the 'Long-Term Nuclear Program', a committee of the Atomic Energy Commission (NIT 101, July/August 2004)

Energy Policy Basic Plan (NIT 97, Sep/Oct 2003)

Japan's electricity liberalization policy (NIT 94, March/April 2003)

Data: Japan's Nuclear Development Plan (NIT 94, March/April 2003)

Electric Power Supply

Fiscal Year 2011 Facility Utilization Rate 23.6% (NIT 148, May/June 2012)

Examining the Electricity Supply Plans for FY2011 (NIT142, May/June 2011)

2010 Fiscal Year Electric Supply Plan (NIT 136, May/June 2010)

2009 Fiscal Year Electric Supply Plan (NIT 130 May/June 2009)

Electric Power Supply Plan in an Era of Saturated Demand: 2008 Plan (NIT 124, May/June 2008)

2007 Electric Power Supply Plan and Nuclear Industry Developments (NIT 118, May/June 2007)

2006 Electric Power Supply Plan and Nuclear Industry Developments (NIT 112. May/June 2006)

Foreseeing Japan's nuclear future (NIT 110, Jan./Feb. 2006)

2005 Electric Power Supply Plan (NIT 106, May/June 2005)

2004 Energy Supply Plan (NIT 100, May/June 2004)

Suzu and Maki Plants Abandoned (NIT 98, Nov2003-Feb2004)

Cost of Nuclear Power

Cost of Decommissioning and Disposal of Nuclear Power Plants (NIT 117, March/April 2007)

Cost of Nuclear Power in Japan (NIT 113 July/Aug 2006)

Costings for Direct Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel (November 2004)

Nuclear Policy-Planning Council files include cost details (November 2004)

'Back end costs' of Japan's nuclear industry (November 2003)

Japanese Nuclear Industry

State of Agricultural Research on Radioactive Contamination (NIT 159 March/April 2014)

Japan to Finance Construction of American Nuclear Power Plants? (NIT 126 Sep./Oct. 2008)

Reorganization of Japanese Nuclear Industry (NIT 116, Jan./Feb. 2007)

Japanese Nuclear Industry Eyes New Nuclear Power Plants in Asia (NIT 116, Jan./Feb. 2007)

Toshiba gambles on Westinghouse (NIT 111, March/April 2006)

Exports by Japanese nuclear power plant makers (NIT 111, March/April 2006)

Recent Trends in Japanese Nuclear Industry (NIT 106, May/June 2005)

Recent Trends of Nuclear Industry (NIT 94, March/April 2003)

See also back issues of CNIC's bi-monthly publication, Nuke Info Tokyo, for more materials.

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