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Nuclear Related Legal Issues

There are many ongoing nuclear-related court cases in Japan. The articles listed below only cover a few of them. We will also add information about nuclear law in Japan as issues arise.

Court ruling bans restart of Ohi Nuclear Power Plant (NIT 160, May/June 2014)

Public Involvement in Japan's Nuclear Power Licensing System (NIT 135 March/April 2010)

Nagao vs. TEPCO: Tokyo High Court Upholds Unjust Verdict (NIT 130 May/June 2009)

Shika-2: Unjust Verdict! (NIT 129 March/April 2009)

Nagao versus TEPCO: Unjust Verdict (NIT 125, July/Aug. 2008)

Extension of Time Allowed Between Periodic Inspections of Reactors (NIT 122 Jan./Feb. 2008)

Hamaoka Verdict: Passing Judgment on the Judge (NIT 121 Nov./Dec. 2007)

Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant Lawsuit: We Protest this Unjust Verdict (26 October 2007)

Regulations to be changed to extend time between periodic inspections (NIT 120, Sep./Oct. 2007)

Shika-2 Verdict Demands Suspension of Operations: report on the Shika-2 verdict and the new draft earthquake design guidelines (NIT 112, May/June 2006)

Shika-2 ruling: 70 NGOs demand suspension of nuclear facilities (30 March 2006)

Court rules in favor of plaintiffs on Shika-2 (NIT 111, March/April 2006)

Back-sliding on Monju (NIT 107, July/August 2005)

Clearance Law Passed (News Flash 16 May 2005)

Nuclear Court Cases in Japan (NIT 104, Jan./Feb 2005)

Developments since Monju Court Decision (NIT 98, Nov2003-Feb2004)

Monju ruling at 2003 (NIT 93, Jan/Feb 2003)

Nuclear Energy in Japan Since 9.11: summary of responses by government and industry as at 31 October 2005

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