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International Nuclear Cooperation

This page contains links to articles about bilateral nuclear agreements, nuclear trade, nuclear finance, etc.., and maps of nuclear power plants in Asia,

Abolition 2000 US-India nuclear deal working group
(CNIC acted as coordinator until the Nuclear Suppliers' Group agreed to an exemption for India in September 2008.)

Asian Nukes Campaign

International Nuclear Cooperation

Nuclear Finance Campaign

Nuclear Plants and Facilities in East Asia and Japan
(Maps current as of January 2011)

General Articles

International Nuclear Cooperation

Samcheok, South Korea, holds “genuine” local referendum on new NPP
    By TAKANO Satoshi, Asia Citizen Network for Peace, S Korea
(NIT164 Jan./Feb. 2015)

Report: Gathering with Mr. Kumar Sundaram to learn about the status quo of the nuclear power industry in India (NIT164 Jan./Feb. 2015)

Report on the 16th No Nukes Asia Forum (NIT163 Nov./Dec. 2014)

The Uranium Extraction Policy of Mongolia: The Current Situation, by SELENGE Lkhagvajav (NIT163 Nov./Dec. 2014)

2014 World Conference against A & H bombs marks the 69th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Japan (NIT162 Sep./Oct. 2014)

A business analysis of Japan’s NPP export to Turkey   by Yasuro Kawai (NIT161 July/Aug. 2014)

Report from Turkey: Sinop Says No to Nuclear by Özgür Gürbüz, Anti Nuclear Platform (NIT159 March/April 2014)

Indonesian Nuclear Stalemate…  Until 2014?(NIT152 Jan./Feb. 2013)

While More Nuclear Power Plants Are Planned in South Korea, the High-voltage Cable Tower Project in Miryang Is Becoming Increasingly Controversial (NIT151 Nov./Dec. 2012)

Actions against Kori 1 Reactor Restart Spread in South Korea ~Closure Demanded~ (NIT150 Sep./Oct. 2012)

The Koodankulam Struggle (NIT149 July./Aug. 2012)

15th No Nukes Asia Forum in South Korea (NIT148 May./June. 2012)

Four nuclear draft cooperation agreements approved (NIT 146, Jan./Feb. 2012)

Interim contract between Hitachi and the Lithuanian government (NIT 146, Jan./Feb. 2012)

Mongolian government drops nuclear disposal site plans (NIT 145, Nov./Dec. 2011)

Government still fixated on nuclear power exports (NIT 145, Nov./Dec. 2011)

Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World in Yokohama, Japan on January 14-15, 2012 (October 5 2011)

The No Nukes Asia Forum (NIT 144, Sep./Oct. 2011)

Urgent International Petition: The Japanese Government should immediately abandon its policy of promoting exports of nuclear power plants (August 31 2011)

Requests to TEPCO & METI (NNAF 2011, August 2)

Toshiba-Tenex Enriched Uranium Joint Venture (NIT 141, March/April 2011)

South Texas Project Nuclear Power Plant (NIT 141, March/April 2011)

170+ organizations world wide urge Japanese Government to reject finance for new nuclear reactors in the US (24 February 2011)

Rush to sign nuclear agreements: international petitions (NIT 141, March/April 2011)

Industry nuclear cooperation agreements (NIT 140, Jan./Feb. 2011)

Petition Concerning Feasibility Study for Construction of Nuclear Power Plant in Viet Nam (December 15, 2010)

No Nukes Asia Forum 2010 (NIT 139, Nov./Dec. 2010)

Viet Nam Chooses Japan as "Partner for Building two Reactors" (2 November 2010)

Japan-India Nuclear Cooperation: Letter from Japanese Citizens to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (25 October 2010)

Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons - the Unbreakable Connectioni (NIT 138, Sep./Oct. 2010)

Japan-India Nuclear Cooperation: International Appeal from Abolition 2000 Global Caucus (13 September 2010)

Nuclear Finance: US Groups Send Letter to Japan Government (August 11, 2010)

Proliferation Problems with Japan-Russia Nuclear Cooperation Agreement (July 28, 2010)

Citizens Challenge APEC Energy Ministers in Fukui (NIT 137, July/Aug. 2010)

Japan-India Nuclear Cooperation: CNIC Protest Letter (29 June 2010)

Public Finance and Export Insurance for Nuclear-Related Exports (NIT 132 September/October 2009)

Japan Russia Nuclear Cooperation Agreement: Statement by Japanese and Russian Environmental Groups (11 May 2009)

Bilateral Nuclear Cooperation Agreements with Russia and Kazakhstan (NIT 129, March/April 2009)

Bilateral Nuclear Cooperation Agreements (NIT 118, May/June 2007)

Global Nuclear Energy Partnership and Japan: Statement by Citizens' Nuclear Information Center and Green Action (11 July 2006)

Statement re ITER site decision (30 June 2005)

Recent Developments in Nuclear Fusion Research (NIT 98, Nov2003-Feb2004)

Rethinking Nuclear Energy and Democracy after 9/11 (NIT 90, July/Aug 2002)

General Articles

Japan to Finance Construction of American Nuclear Power Plants? (NIT 126, Sep./Oct. 2008)

Japanese Groups Protest NSG Exemption for India (9 September 2008)

No Nukes Asia Forum 2008 was held in Kashiwazaki-City and Tokyo from 28-30 June 2008

Nuclear Plants and Facilities in East Asia and Japan (NIT 122, Jan./Feb. 2008)
(Maps current as of January 2008)

Asian Nuclear Power Plants: Current Status and Future Plans (NIT 122, Jan./Feb. 2008)

Experts and NGOs Criticize US-India Nuclear Deal (NIT 122, Jan./Feb. 2008)

2007 International NGO Climate Change Forum in Taiwan (NIT 121, Nov./Dec. 2007)

Indonesian Anti-Nuclear Activists Visit Japan/Korea (NIT 119, July/August 2007)

Taiwan-Japan Civil Society Forum (NIT 119, July/August 2007)

Nuclear Plants and Facilities in East Asia and Japan (NIT 116, Jan./Feb. 2007)
(Maps current as of January 2007)

Japanese Nuclear Industry Eyes New Nuclear Power Plants in Asia (NIT 116, Jan./Feb. 2007)

Japanese Government Urged to Oppose India-US Nuclear Deal: NGOs hold press conference (6 September 2006)

Exports by Japanese nuclear power plant makers (NIT 111, March/April 2006)

South Korean nuclear waste dump vote (NIT 109, Nov./Dec. 2005)

Oppose South Korean nuclear waste dump (KFEM campaign letter and background information)

No Nukes Asia Forum, Taiwan 2005 (NIT 107, July/August 2005)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. bids for nuclear plants in China (News Watch, NIT 105, March/April 2005)

Reactor Pressure Vessel Exported to Taiwan (NIT 101, July/August 2004)

See also back issues of CNIC's bi-monthly publication, Nuke Info Tokyo, for more materials.

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