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Asian Nukes Campaign

This campaign seeks to prevent the expansion of nuclear energy in Asia and, in particular, to prevent the spread of nuclear energy to countries which do not yet have nuclear power plants such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, etc..

Nuclear Plants and Facilities in East Asia and Japan
(Maps current as of January 2012)

Nuclear Finance Campaign

General Articles

General Articles

15th No Nukes Asia Forum in South Korea (NIT148 May/June 2012)

Joint Declaration of No Nukes Asia Forum 2012 (23 March 2012)

Four nuclear draft cooperation agreements approved (NIT 146, Jan./Feb. 2012)

FNCA Ministerial Level Meeting (NIT 146, Jan./Feb. 2012)

The No Nukes Asia Forum (NIT 144, Sep./Oct. 2011)

Requests to TEPCO & METI (NNAF 2011, August 2)

Petition Concerning Feasibility Study for Construction of Nuclear Power Plant in Viet Nam (December 15, 2010)

No Nukes Asia Forum 2010 (NIT 139, Nov./Dec. 2010)

Viet Nam Chooses Japan as "Partner for Building two Reactors" (2 November 2010)

International Appeal Against Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant (18 October 2010)

The 2010 No Nukes Asia Forum Joint Statement (18-21 September 2010)

Citizens Challenge APEC Energy Ministers in Fukui (NIT 137, July/Aug. 2010)

Vietnam Nuclear Power Plan: NGOs Question Cost Estimates - letter sent to the Vietnamese Government by NGOs from Japan, the USA and Europe (January 6, 2010)

No Nukes Asia Forum 2008 (28 June to 1 July 2008)

No Nukes Asia Forum 2008: letter to Japanese Government (1 July 2008)

No Nukes Asia Forum 2008 to be held from June 28 - July 1 in Kashiwazaki City and Tokyo (25 June 2008)

Muslim clerics show wisdom by saying "No" to Indonesia's nuclear plan (Media Release, 4 September 2007)

Indonesian Anti-Nuclear Activists Visit Japan/Korea (Report in Nuke Info Tokyo 119, July/August 2007)

Profiles of the two activists

Petition from the people of Jepara to the governments and industry of Japan and Korea

Press release (5 July 2007)

Letter to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (5 July 2007)

Letter to the Minister for Foreign Affairs (5 July 2007)

Letter to the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (4 July 2007)

Letters to industry (4-6 July 2007)
(Mistubishi Heavy Industries, Toshiba Corporation, Hitachi Ltd.)

Exports by Japanese nuclear power plant makers (NIT 111, March/April 2006)

See also back issues of CNIC's bi-monthly publication, Nuke Info Tokyo, for more materials.

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