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Stop MOX Shipments!

Shipments of MOX (mixed oxide of plutonium and uranium) fuel have resumed for the first time in six years. CNIC is participating in a campaign led by Kyoto-based Green Action which opposes these shipments. The first of what may turn out to be many shipments arrived in Japan in May 2009.

Photo of Demonstration in Saga City, 10 May 2009

CNIC Statements and Articles

Japan's MOX Program and Nuclear Proliferation (Background Paper Prepared for Press Conference at The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan, 15 May 2009)

MOX Shipment and Japan's Failed Nuclear Fuel Cycle (Slide Presentations Prepared for Press Conference at The Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan 15 May 2009)

Stop MOX Shipments! (NIT 129 March/April 2009)

Stop MOX Shipment Appeal (5 March 2009)
Press Release ----- Text of appeal.

MOX and nuclear weapons: Open Letter to Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, Director General, International Atomic Energy Agency
2 March 2009 (Green Action, Greenpeace, CNIC joint letter)

MOX Transports from Europe in First Half of 2009 (News Watch in NIT 128, Jan./Feb. 2009)

MOX Transportation (NIT90 July/Aug 2002)


Green Action

Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment (CORE)

Greenpeace France

Greenpeace International

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