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IMA (International MOX Assessment)

A "Comprehensive Social Impact Assessment of MOX Use in Light Water Reactors"

The Research Director of the IMA project, Dr. Jinazaburo Takagi, together with the Research Sub-Director, Mycle Schneider, received the Right Livelihood Award for this study and activities relating to plutonium issues. The results of this project have been published in Japanese, English, French, and Russian.

IMA Final Report (1997) (Full Report PDF, 2.0MB)

IMA Main Findings


MOX and Pluthermal front page

Summary Report  
Chapter 1 Introduction into General, Environmental and Health Aspects (Jinzaburo Takagi)
Chapter 2 The Security Aspects of the Use of MOX as Nuclear Fuel (Frank Barnaby)
Chapter 3 Safety Aspects of MOX Use in LWRs (Jinzaburo Takagi and Chihiro Kamisawa)
Chapter 4 Economics of MOX Use in LWRs --An Analysis Based on Japanese Realities (Baku Nishio)
Chapter 5 MOX and Back-end Policy (Michael Sailer and Jinzaburo Takagi)
Chapter 6 Societal and Legal Implications of MOX Use
    Part 1: Legal Aspects of MOX Use --A Japanese Perspective (Ichiro Hokimoto)
    Part 2: MOX and Society (Alexander Rossnagel)
Chapter 7 Transportation of Radioactive Materials(RAM) in MOX Utilization (Komei Hosokawa and Jinzaburo Takagi)
Annex 1 Plutonium Fuels at Crossroads: MOX at the Ultimate Justification for the Production of Plutonium --for How Long Yet? (Mycle Schneider and Mathew Pavageau)
Annex 2 Contribution Papers to the IMA Project
[a] Core Physics related Safety Aspects of MOX Fuel Burning in Light Water Reactors (Richard Donderer)
[b] Safety Aspects of Unirradiated MOX Fuel Transport (Edwin Lyman)
[c] Current State and Perspectives for MOX-Fuel Use in Russia (Alexander Dmitriev)
[d] Impact of U.S. Plutonium Decision-making on Japan's Plutonium Program (Paul Leventhal and Steven Dolly)


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