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Criticality Accident at Tokai-mura:

1 mg of uranium that shattered Japan's nuclear myth

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 Review "CNIC Report lights up the dark side of Japan's nuclear power industry" (Japan Times 26 Sep. 2000)

By Dr. Jinzaburo Takagi and the Citizens' Nuclear Information Center
Translated by Gaia Hoerner, Akiko Fukami, and Taeko Miwa

80 pages, published in May, 2000 by Citizens' Nuclear Information Center
700 yen+ postage (Please pay by international postal money order.)

Based on translations of The Shock of Criticality Accident written in Japanese by Citizens' Nuclear Information Center (CNIC) and published by Iwanami publisher in December 1999, CNIC has published an English booklet on JCO criticality accident of September, 1999. This accident was not only the worst-ever accident at a commercial plant in the development of nuclear energy in Japan, but also greatly intensified the already existing domestic and international anxiety over nuclear energy.

The booklet includes a complete critique of the final report released by the government's Uranium Processing Plant Criticality Accident Investigation Committee, in addition to most up to date information on developments with nuclear related administrations, compensation, and sentiments of local residents and the public.

The booklet is also filled with figures, tables, pictures, and detailed maps which give the readers a comprehensive grasp of nuclear power in Japan. Since very little information has been translated into English following the initial reports of the accident, this book serves as a complete guide on the details of the accident and subsequent developments. In addition, this book is unique in the sense that it has been written by an independent body which does not belong to the government or the nuclear industry.

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Chapter I
The Shock of the Criticality Accident
Chapter II
Invisible Threat: Exposure and Evacuation
Chapter III
JCO and the Nuclear Fuel Cycle - The Background of the Accident and the Structure of the Nuclear Power Industry in Japan
Chapter IV
The Absence of Safety Measures for a Criticality Accident Causes and Responsibilities for the Accident
Chapter V
Accidents Do Happen - The Need for a Complete Review of Measures for Preventing Accidents
Chapter VI
Critique of the Government's Final Report, and Some Updates

Homepage Addresses for Reference
Map of Tokai-mura
Nuclear Power Plants and Related Facilities in Japan



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