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Nuke Info Tokyo No. 95
(May/June 2003)


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Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant: Leakage from Storage Pool, Defective Construction Work, and Escalating Costs
A series of accident has been discovered in the spent fuel storage pool - water leakage from the storage tank and the defective construction work on the pool since July 2001.

'Interim' Storage Facility: Fears that it will become a permanent disposal site
On April 11, Tokyo Power Electric Co. (TEPCO) submitted its plan to construct an interim storage facility for spent nuclear fuels in Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture.

National Meeting to Give up Nukes on June 7
Citizens and laborers, who have fought against nuclear power throughout the nation, gathered June 7 to appeal for the halting of nuclear power.

DATA: Significant Incidents at Nuclear Power Plants and Nuclear Fuel Facilities in 2002

Typical Boiling Water Reactor Structure (Diagram)

Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Yoko Nozaka
Representative of "Citizens against the interim storage facility in Shimokita"

News Watch
--Tokyo Electric Power Co. Seeks to Reactivate Nuclear Power Reactors
--The Cost of Dismantling JAERI and JNC's Facility will be 2 Trillion Yen
--Kagoshima Prefecture Accepts a Survey to be Conducted for the Construction of Sendai 3 unit
--Onagawa 3 Automatic Shutdown due to an Earthquake
--Decision Made on the Decommissioning of Musashi Institute of Technology (MIT)'s Reactor

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