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Nuke Info Tokyo No. 151
(Nov./Dec. 2012)



What was clarified by The National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission?
  --Focusing on low-level radiation exposure risk--

The Innovative Strategy for Energy and Environment and its future

While More Nuclear Power Plants Are Planned in South Korea, the High-voltage Cable Tower Project in Miryang Is Becoming Increasingly Controversial

Anti Nukes Who's Who : Katsumi Furitsu, Japanese activist working for a nuclear-free world

News Watch
-- Hitachi Buys British Nuclear Power Company
-- JA’s Nuclear Phase-out Policy
-- Ohma Nuclear Plant Construction Restarts
-- Japan-India Joint Statement of Cooperation in Nuclear Power Field
-- License Expires for Sea Landfill of Planned Kaminoseki Nuclear Plant
-- Ordinance for Referendum by Citizens of Shizuoka Prefecture on Restart of Hamaoka Nuclear Plant Fails to Pass
-- Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant Completion Plans Postponed
-- Regulatory Commission Decision on Countermeasure Policy for Nuclear Damage
-- Formulation of Nuclear Energy Policy Outline Frozen

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