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Nuke Info Tokyo No. 126
(September/October 2008)


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Monju Restart Delayed Again
The latest delay arose as a result of the very long time taken to check equipment for detecting sodium leaks. Because these checks have taken such a long time, the fuel in the reactor core has degraded to the point where it cannot reach criticality.

No Sign of Resumption of Vitrification at Rokkasho
Problems continue to plague the vitrification facility, which mixes high active liquid waste with molten glass, in order to seal the radioactive waste in glass canisters. As a result, in July JNFL was forced to announce that the date for completion of active tests had been postponed until November.

Japan to Finance Construction of American Nuclear Power Plants?
On July 29 the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (METI) announced the establishment of the Trade and Investment Insurance for Preventing Global Warming scheme. Nuclear power plants and equipment are specifically included as examples of the type of exports to which the scheme will apply.

Serious Crack Found in Ohi-3 Reactor Vessel Nozzle
Grinding the surface to remove the crack only revealed that it was longer than it appeared on the surface. After grinding down 3.6mm the crack was 13mm long. Finally, KEPCO announced that the crack had disappeared after grinding down 20.3mm.

Worker Exposure Data for 2007 and the Workers' Compensation Case of the Late Tadashi Kiyuna
The collective dose for people working at nuclear power plants, including Fugen and Monju, was 78.27 person sieverts, an increase of 10.64 person sieverts compared to the previous year.

Japanese Protest India Nuclear Deal
Seventeen groups, including hibakusha groups, issued a protest statement on 7 September 2008, immediately after the Nuclear Suppliers Group approved an India-specific exemption from its nuclear export guidelines.

Group Introduction
Kariwa Women for the Protection of Life: Hi Ho! Hi Ho! Hairo! Hairo! "Close down all nuclear power plants!!"

News Watch
--Extension of time allowed between periodic inspections
--Recurring radiation exposure incidents at a fuel fabrication facility
--Moves to build HLW disposal simulation facility in Horonobe Town
--Cooperation between Japan and the UK on fuel cycle and new plants
--Integrated safeguards for Tokai Plutonium Facilities
--Organizational support for international nuclear cooperation
--Japan-US-France cooperation on Fast Reactors
--Toshiba, IHI and Doosan team up for construction of nuclear reactors

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