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Nuke Info Tokyo No. 121
(November/December 2007)


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Map of places mentioned in NIT 121

Hamaoka Verdict: Passing Judgment on the Judge
After the Hamaoka hearings ended, the Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake gave us a preview of the type of problems which might arise in the much larger earthquake that is predicted at Hamaoka. However, the court was unmoved.

Kashiwazaki-Kariwa: Stuck Control Rod and Other Problems
The seismic acceleration experienced by the plant as a result of the earthquake exceeded the design limit for almost all periods of the spectrograph. It was the first time that such a situation had arisen anywhere in the world.

Rokkasho active tests stopped for one month
The end piece of a spent fuel assembly fell to the bottom of the cleaning tank in the Head End building where shearing and dissolving of the spent fuel is carried out.

Situation of Japanese Nuclear Workers
Including the case of Tadashi Kiyuna, we are aware of only 18 workers' compensation cases, 9 of which were accepted.

Japan's Plutonium Inventory for 2006
Plutonium holdings at 31 December 2006

2007 International NGO Climate Change Forum in Taiwan
CNIC's Co-Director, Hideyuki Ban, pointed out that nuclear energy is no use in preventing climate change.

Who's Who
Sadao Kaneko: an indomitable spirit wrapped in a calm smile

News Watch
--HLW Dump: Central Government Enters the Fray
--Fabrication of MOX Fuel for Kyushu/Shikoku Electric
--Design Approval Sought for 4S Reactor
--Benches & Tables Produced Using Radioactive Waste
--FNCA Panel Considers Human Resources Development
--TEPCO to Support Construction and Operation of ABWRs in US
--TEPCO in the Red in FY2007

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