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Nuke Info Tokyo No. 115
(Nov./Dec. 2006)


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Map of places mentioned in NIT 115

Aging Reactors: Symposium in South Korea
Symposium in Busan, South Korea, concerning the life extension of Kori-1 nuclear power plant

The Deepening Puzzle of Steel Used in Reactor Pressure Vessels
One of the most frightening type of nuclear accidents is a sudden break-up of the reactor pressure vessel as a result of embrittlement.

First MOX Powder Produced at Rokkasho
It is a great irony that production of plutonium-uranium mixed oxide powder began at Japan's first industrial-scale reprocessing plant a month after North Korea conducted a nuclear weapons test.

CNIC Response to North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Test
Statement of protest and letter to the Japanese government

Japan's Plutonium Inventory for 2005

Anti-Nuke Who's Who
Yoshiko Kuratsubo: committed to her hometown of Hirosaki

News Watch
--Turbine damage due to "high-cycle fatigue"
--Shifting international alliances in nuclear industry
--Mitsui feasibility study into development of Russian uranium
--Aomori governor unimpressed by application for receipt of radioactive waste from abroad
--Tsuno Town won't apply for HLW dump
--Application for pluthermal at Shimane-2
--Local approval for pluthermal at Ikata-3
--Call for Saga Prefecture citizens' referendum re pluthermal
--Request submitted for approval of new fuel plan for Monju

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