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International Symposium on the Truth of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident and the Myth of Nuclear Safety (August 30 & 31, 2012 Tokyo, Japan)

Statement: Toward a New Era in which the people Choose the Energy (5 May, 2012)

Japanese NGO Joint Statement calling for an end to plutonium production and reprocessing (30 April 2012)

Joint Declaration of No Nukes Asia Forum 2012 (23 March 2012)

Yokohama Declaration for a Nuclear Power Free World (15 Jan 2012)

The 5th reduced-size edition of the Hangenpatsu-Shinbun has been released. (November 2011)

Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World (January 14-15, 2012 Yokohama, Japan)


"Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants" Rally (19 September 2011)

Urgent International Petition: The Japanese Government should immediately abandon its policy of promoting exports of nuclear power plants (31 August 2011)

Requests to TEPCO & METI (NNAF 2011, August 2)

Statement by Scientists and Engineers Concerning Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (no.3) (May 19, 2011)

10 Million People’s Action to say Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants

Fukushima Nuclear Earthquake Disaster__CNIC updates, statement and links to Ustream videos)

170+ organizations world wide urge Japanese Government to reject finance for new nuclear reactors in the US (24 February 2011)

Five in Hunger Strike Against Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant (29 January 2011)


Petition Concerning Feasibility Study for Construction of Nuclear Power Plant in Viet Nam (December 15, 2010)

Viet Nam Chooses Japan as "Partner for Building two Reactors" (2 November 2010)

Japan-India Nuclear Cooperation: Letter from Japanese Citizens to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (25 October 2010)

International Appeal Against Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant (18 October 2010)

The 2010 No Nukes Asia Forum Joint Statement (18-21 September 2010)

Japan-India Nuclear Cooperation: International Appeal from Abolition 2000 Global Caucus (13 September 2010)

Nuclear Finance: US Groups Send Letter to Japan Government (August 11, 2010)

Proliferation Problems with Japan-Russia Nuclear Cooperation Agreement (July 28, 2010)

Three Years After the Chuetsu-oki Earthquake hit Niigata Prefecture: We Lament the Rush to Restart the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station (July 16, 2010)

Japan-India Nuclear Cooperation: CNIC Protest Letter (29 June 2010)

China Nuclear Reactor Export to Pakistan - Experts, Organizations from 14 Countries Call on Nuclear Suppliers Group to Uphold Rules Barring Chinese Sale of Reactors to Pakistan (June 17, 2010)

Monju Restart: Letter to Delegates at NPT Review Conference 2010 (May 21, 2010)

Statement of Protest Against Recommencement of Monju Test Operation (May 6, 2010)

Monju Restart: Protestors Send Letter to Owner JAEA (April 19, 2010)

National Gathering and Protest Against Restart of Monju Fast Breeder Reactor (April 12, 2010)

Monju Restart: Appeal By Japanese Scientists (March 23, 2010)

Petition to Aomori Governor Mimura by Committee to Prevent Delivery of Nuclear Fuel Waste (March 10, 2010)

Arrival of High-Level Radioactive Waste Shipment from UK: Protest Statement by 10,000 Plaintiffs in the Lawsuit Against the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (March 8, 2010)

Arrival of High-Level Radioactive Waste Shipment from UK: Protest Statement by Peace Land (March 8, 2010)

Radioactive Waste Shipments from Europe: Protest Statement by 10,000 Plaintiffs in the Lawsuit Against the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (March 5, 2010)

Imminent Monju Restart a Dangerous Gamble (March 5, 2010)

Vietnam Nuclear Power Plan: NGOs Question Cost Estimates - letter sent to the Vietnamese Government by NGOs from Japan, the USA and Europe (January 6, 2010)


ICNND Report - Civil Society Response: "The pace is too slow: Implementation must be accelerated" (December 15, 2009)

Genkai-3 Starts Up With MOX Fuel: CNIC Statement of Protest (November 6, 2009)

NGO Statement Concerning the Hiroshima Meeting of the International Commission on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament (6 November 2009)

Japanese Civil Society Calls for Immediate Action for Nuclear Disarmament (19 October 2009) (Statement from Symposium in Hiroshima)

Japanese Civil Society Takes Action for Nuclear Abolition (15 October 2009)

Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant Struck By Earthquake (14 August 2009)

Public Finance and Export Insurance for Nuclear-Related Exports: NGOs Demand Rigorous Safety Assessment, Information Disclosure and Stakeholder Involvement (27 July 2009)

Citizens Protest Japanese MOX Shipment: Joint Statement by CNIC, Green Action and Greenpeace Japan (Genkai: 23 May 2009)

Citizens Protest Japanese MOX Shipment: Joint Statement by CNIC, Green Action and Greenpeace Japan (Hamaoka:18 May 2009)

Japan Russia Nuclear Cooperation Agreement: Statement by Japanese and Russian Environmental Groups (11 May 2009)

Kashiwazaki-Kariwa 7 Restart: Statement of Protest (8 May 2009)

Shika-2: Unjust Verdict! (19 March 2009)

Stop MOX Shipment Appeal (5 March 2009)

MOX and nuclear weapons: Open Letter to Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, Director General, International Atomic Energy Agency
2 March 2009 (Green Action, Greenpeace, CNIC joint letter)

Nuclear Industry Rebuked for Misleading Advertising (6 February 2009)

Submission to International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament concerning civilian use of nuclear energy (26 January 2009)


US-India Nuclear Deal: NGOs confirm no Japanese government decision (19 August 2008)

Experts and Organizations from 24 Countries Call on Nuclear Suppliers Group to "Avoid a Nonproliferation Disaster" (15 August 2008)

Call for Japan to vote against India-IAEA Safeguards Agreement (28 July 2008)

US-India Nuclear Agreement - Still a Bad Deal: global network of NGOs urge the international community to oppose the deal (7 July 2008)

No Nukes Asia Forum 2008: letter to Japanese Government (1 July 2008)

No Nukes Asia Forum 2008 to be held from June 28 - July 1 in Kashiwazaki City and Tokyo (25 June 2008)

Scientists, Engineers demand Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant be closed (24 February 2008)

Letter signed by over 120 experts and NGOs to sent to governments represented on the NSG and IAEA Board of Governors (7 January 2008)


Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant Lawsuit: We Protest this Unjust Verdict (26 October 2007)

Statement re Delay of US-India Nuclear Agreement: "breathing space to reflect on the damage it would do" (23 October 2007)

Australian Uranium Exports to India and US-India Nuclear Deal (Letters handed to Japanese Foreign Ministry and Australian Embassy in Tokyo on 1 October 2007)

IAEA must insist on proper nuclear safeguards in India (10 September 2007)

NGO's demand the IAEA stop misleading the international community and TEPCO improve transparency (7 September 2007)

Muslim clerics show wisdom by saying "No" to Indonesia's nuclear plan (4 September 2007)

Concerned Scientists and Engineers Call for the Closure of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant (21 August 2007)

Call for NSG member countries to oppose US-India nuclear deal (14 August 2007) (The call is from the US-India Working Group of the Abolition 2000 network. CNIC is the coordinator of the Working Group.)

Letter to the IAEA Concerning Earthquake Damage at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station (6 August 2007)

Inappropriate person chosen to lead investigation into the impact on the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant of the Chuetsu Oki Earthquake (31 July 2007)

Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Earthquake: CNIC Report (23 July 2007)

Japan's Nuclear Earthquake Safety Shaken to the Roots (17 July 2007)

Indonesian Anti-Nuclear Activists Deliver Messages to Japanese Government (5 July 2007)

Call for Australian government to oppose US-India nuclear deal (28 June 2007) (The call is from the US-India Working Group of the Abolition 2000 network. CNIC is the coordinator of the Working Group.)

Russia Enriching Uranium for Japanese Companies: Petition for termination of Russian enrichment of Japanese uranium (9 April 2007)

Malpractices at Japanese Nuclear Power Plants: Protest Statement by CNIC (2 April 2007)

Japan's Plutonium Use Plan for the 2007 Fiscal Year: translation and analysis by CNIC (2 March 2007)

Japan-Russia Uranium Enrichment Deal: Statement by Japanese and Russian Environmental Groups (28 February 2007)

US-India Nuclear Cooperation Deal: Letter to the Japanese government from members and representatives of civil society groups and peoples' organizations from India and Pakistan (1 February 2007)

Public Meeting 28 January 2007: Zia Mian discusses US-India nuclear cooperation deal


US-India Nuclear Deal Giving Encouragement to North Korea: Statement of protest and demand to Japanese government (10 December 2006)

Letter to IAEA Director General, Dr. Mahomed ElBaradei: Japanese NGOs question claim by JNFL president, Isami Kojima, that "practically speaking it is impossible" to separate plutonium from MOX fuel. (30 November 2006)

Call to Abandon Reprocessing as First Plutonium-Uranium Mixed Oxide (MOX) Powder Produced at Rokkasho (17 November 2006)

North Korea Nuclear Test and NSG Rules: letter to the Japanese govenment (11 October 2006)

North Korea Nuclear Test: Statement of Protest (10 October 2006)

GNEP Expression Of Interest: Japan's Nuclear Industry Clutching at Straws (9 September 2006)

Japanese Government Urged to Oppose India-US Nuclear Deal: NGOs hold press conference (6 September 2006)

Lessons the G8 Can Learn from Japan: the Nuclear Fuel Cycle is an Economic Failure Providing no Energy Media Release by CNIC and Green Action (14 July 2006)

Global Nuclear Energy Partnership and Japan: Statement by CNIC and Green Action (11 July 2006)

Problems at Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant: Whistleblower Report (6 June 2006)

Chernobyl 20th Anniversary Appeal: building a 21st Century which is not dependent on nuclear energy (26 April 2006)

Chernobyl 20th Anniversary in Tokyo - symposium held on 16 April 2006

Active tests begin at Rokkasho reprocessing plant: a sad day for nuclear non-proliferation (31 March 2006)

Shika-2 ruling: 70 NGOs demand suspension of nuclear facilities (30 March 2006)

Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant: Urgent Appeal (extracts from an appeal issued by 27 Japanese opinion leaders, 23 March 2006)

Unaccounted for Japanese Plutonium: Japanese government releases new details of plutonium inventory (1 March 2006)

Pluthermal plan for Genkai reactor: riding roughshod over the citizens (21 February 2006)

Asian Talks on Non-Proliferation Should Consider Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant (13 February 2006)

Letter sent to IAEA re Japan Atomic Energy Commission approval of faulty Plutonium Utilization Plan (3 February 2006)

Rubber Stamp for Inappropriate and Untransparent Plutonium Utilization Plan (24 January 2006)

Will Japan uphold its international commitment to not produce surplus plutonium (18 January 2006)
English (pdf 472 KB) Japanese (pdf 548 KB )

Fictional Plutonium Utilization Plan - critique of Plutonium Utilization Plan issued by the Federation of Electric Power Companies (FEPCO) on 6 January (11 January 2006)

Japanese NGOs send petition to IAEA - urge international body to take action to ensure Japan upholds international commitment to not produce surplus plutonium (5 January 2006)


Further delays at Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant (25 November 2005 - updated version of 17 November 2005 media release)

Japan and internationalization of the nuclear fuel cycle (28 October 2005)

Oppose South Korean nuclear waste dump (KFEM campaign letter and background information)

Japanese uranium contaminated soil arrives in Seattle (19 October 2005)

New nuclear research agency inherits predecessor's radioactive waste problems: Japanese radioactive soil shipped to the US (3 October 2005)

Japanese uranium-contaminated soil: US company's name (27 September 2005)

Japanese uranium-contaminated soil: radioactivity (7 September 2005)

Japanese uranium-contaminated soil to be sent to US (29 August 2005)

Tohoku Earthquake (18 August 2005)

Japanese uranium-contaminated soil to be sent to US (15 August 2005)

Thinking the Unthinkable: Japanese nuclear power and nuclear proliferation in East Asia - a new report by CNIC and Oxford Research Group (4 August 2005)

Statement re ITER site decision (30 June 2005)

Monju: Supreme Court Snubs Citizens (30 May 2005)

Renewed calls for moratorium on Rokkasho: Petition released at NPT (25 May 2005)

Concerns Japan might acquire nuclear weapons (23 May 2005)

Clearance Law Passed (16 May 2005)

CNIC Calls for a Moratorium on the Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant (Press Conference 21 April 2005)

MOX Fuel Fabrication Plant Site Agreement: CNIC statement of protest (19 April 2005)

Call for a Moratorium on the Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant (18 April 2005)

Further postponement of start up of Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant (22 March 2005)

Proposals for a Moratorium on Reprocessing: the Case of Japan (14 March 2005)

Rokkasho and Proliferation (appeared in Nuke Info Tokyo 105 March/April 2005)

Radioactive Waste Leaves France for Japan (21 Feb. 2005)

Tokyo Meeting opposes nuclear waste deregulation (9 February 2005)


Introduction of a 'Clearance' System (21 December 2004) - Bill soon to be submitted to the Diet

Uranium Trials Begin at Rokkasho (21 December 2004)

International open letter opposing uranium trials at the Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant. (13 December 2004)

Uranium Trials at Rokkasho (3 December 2004) - Rokkasho and Report of Kofi Annan's 'High-level Panel'

Uranium Trials at Rokkasho (22 November 2004) - CNIC Protests Signing of 'Safety Agreement' for Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant Uranium Trials

Long Term Nuclear Plan (12 November 2004) - To reprocess or not to reprocess: discussion of 4 scenarios, arguments for and against, cost details

NISA's Interim Report into Mihama-3 Accident (5 November 2004) - report published in CNIC's Nuke Info Tokyo newsletter (NIT 103 Nov./Dec. 2004)

Kashiwazaki-Kariwa No. 7 scrams during earthquake (5 November 2004)

Earthquake Zone (2 November 2004) - Earthquakes and nuclear safety in Japan: report published in CNIC's Nuke Info Tokyo newsletter (NIT 103 Nov./Dec. 2004)

Long Term Nuclear Plan (2 November 2004) - update on progress (regress?)

Niigata Earthquake and Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant (28 October 2004) - Appeal to TEPCO to Suspend Operations

Mihama-3 Accident (17 September 2004) - detailed analysis published in CNIC's Nuke Info Tokyo newsletter (NIT 102 Sep./Oct. 2004)

Mihama-3 Accident (13 September 2004) - tracking down the truth

Mihama-3 Accident (14 August 2004) - reply to general inquiry

Mihama-3 Accident (11 August 2004) - emergency response/alternative electricity supply

Mihama-3 Accident (9 August 2004) - initial response

Hunger Strike in Aomori (26 July 2004)

Leak at Tokai Reprocessing Plant (22 June 2004)

Rokkasho Safeguards: What are they thinking about? (16 June 2004)

More delays at Rokkasho (11 June 2004)

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