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Nuclear Reactors Planned or Under Construction

Examining the Electricity Supply Plans for FY2011

(As at March 2010)

2010 Nuclear Power Development Plan1

Power Company Location Power (MW) Commence(d) Construction Commence Operations Status Type
Tohoku Electric Namie Odaka 825 FY2016 FY2021 BWR
Higashidoori-2* 1,385 FY2016 or after FY2021 or after ABWR
TEPCO Fukushima I-7 1,380 April 2012 Oct. 2016 ABWR
Fukushima I-8 1,380 April 2012 Oct. 2017 ABWR
Higashidoori-1* 1,385 Dec. 2010 Mar. 2017 Safety Assessmemt ABWR
Higashidoori-2* 1,385 FY2014 or after FY2020 or after ABWR
Chubu Electric Hamaoka-6 around 1,400 FY2015 FY2020 or after ABWR
Chugoku Electric Shimane-3 1,373 Dec. 2005 Dec. 2011 Under Construction ABWR
Kaminoseki-1 1,373 June 2012 March 2018 Safety Assessment ABWR
Kaminoseki-2 1,373 FY2017 FY2022 ABWR
Kyushu Electric Sendai-3 1,590 FY2013 FY2019 APWR
J-Power Ohma 1,383 May 2008 Nov. 2014 Under Construction ABWR
Japan Atomic Power Company Tsuruga-3 1,538 Oct. 2010 March 2016 Safety Assessment APWR
Tsuruga-4 1,538 Oct. 2010 March 2017 Safety Assessment APWR
Total 14 Reactors 19,308 . . .

1. Table by CNIC (based on Electric Power Supply Plan for 2010 Fiscal Year (1 April 2009 – 30 March 2010), Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, March 2009). Last updated May 21, 2010.

*The Tohoku and TEPCO Higashidoori reactors are at different power plants. Both companies plan to build power plants in Hiagashidoori.

See also article in Nuke Info Tokyo 136.

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